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August 31, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Igloo Software’s Digital Workplace: Powering your Company Through Increased Collaboration and Connection  (944 words)

Digitize your workplace or risk dying. That seems to be the call to arms for many businesses today, especially the small-to-medium enterprises which have to compete with the bigger conglomerates. Another attraction for these startups and entrepreneurs to go into digitization is that technology is opening up whole chunks of the market to them. They can grow their market in a way that they could not have only a few decades before.

The digitization of the workplace has developed rapidly because of the way that smart devices and the internet have evolved. Employees can work remotely and communicate with each other regardless of their location. They can also do the same with their target publics, shareholders, and customers. At the same time, they have continual access to a non-stop stream of information that they can also share with these same colleagues for collaborative purposes.

As Forbes defines this new workplace: “The digital workspace, however, extends those concept of mobility by leveraging advances in infrastructure technology to remove any remaining barriers for end users. It’s less about an individual employee who can access company systems from any remote location and more about delivering everything an individual employee needs to be productive—regardless of location, device, or app.”

Consider a few of  the statistics that have given birth to this 21st-century virtual office:

  • 81 percent of the U.S. market owns a smartphone (Comscore)
  • 66 percent of marketers will be shifting their campaigns to mobile (Salesforce)
  • Conversion in apps in smartphones have surpassed conversions in desktops by 64 percent (SocPub)
  • 56 percent of users open their email on a tablet or smart phone, and not on a desktop (Email Monday)

The pressure to transform the office into a digital workspace is rising. It is also as inevitable as the replacement of the dial-up by the 4G-and-beyond internet speed we use now. The small-to-medium-sized businesses in particular realize the urgency of adoption: the

Small Business Administration says that 50 percent of them end up closing their doors after the first five-year run.

The prospect of putting up one’s own digital workplace can be daunting to many, though, especially those without the necessary resources, training, and manpower to do it. This is where Igloo Software comes in: its solutions-as-a-service establishes a virtual office for these companies, empowering them not just to survive, but to thrive in the new digital landscape. The Ontario-based company provides a full-scale package that goes beyond the sale of a software solution: it gives the client a firm secure space in the digital ecosystem, gives him the tools that can make him more competitive, assists him in securing digital strategies that will help him achieve his business objectives, and trains his employees to such a degree that they will become expert navigators in this new piece of cyber real estate.

As Igloo Software CEO Dan Latendre describes their offering in an interview with CMS Wire: “Solutions-as-a-Service is the next evolution of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) since we are delivering all elements required for success beyond just the software, including solution templates, consulting, implementation services, training, benchmarking and engagement KPIs, launch and engagement support and governance guidance.”

Igloo strengthens and enhances the following core business functions of an organization while transitioning it to a digital workplace:

  • Communications and Collaboration:  Igloo’s digital workspace keeps your workforce aligned and informed, regardless of their department, level, or location. As a result, your employees have a fuller vision of the company vision and how they contribute to it. Igloo also trains your employees to publish content that can be read and given feedback to by their colleagues. This encourages mutual exchange of ideas, innovation, resolution of issues, and a more efficient work process.

Some of the tools used for this work process are the Leadership Corner, the Virtual Town Hall, the Onboarding Center, the Newsroom, the Governance Center, and The Employee Handbook.

  • Knowledge Management: Igloo’s knowledge management platform captures the entire wealth of information shared across all workspaces: content, documents, policies and procedures, chat conversations, creative ideas over brainstorming, and lessons learned, just to name a few. Sharing apps like Office 365, Google for Work, and Dropbox make all this repository of knowledge accessible to all employees, providing them the data they need to get the job done or come up with the next big winning idea.

Some of the tools used here are the Brand Portal, the Governance Center, the Newsroom, the IT Help Desk, the Onboarding Center, and the Virtual Town Hall.

  • Employee Engagement:  Collaboration and communications build a rich organizational culture where employees feel that their ideas are heard, and that they are contributing significantly to the company. They become shareholders and partners in its success, not just employees. The more they become engaged, the better they perform, and the higher productivity increases.

The tools used to enhance engagement include the Social Zone, the Company Directory, the Newsroom, the Onboarding Center, the Recognition Center, and the Leadership Corner.

By transitioning the legacy company to a digital workplace, Igloo Software sharpens their competitive edge, gives them the necessary equipment and features to make their mark on a fast-growing digital market, and establish themselves a player in this new world for the foreseeable future.

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