Understanding the Digital Workplace: the Lifestyle AND the Software

May 23, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Business owners and company heads can be forgiven for thinking that “the digital workplace” is another piece of software that will make their companies’ online interactions smoother and more efficient. Actually, although while it does have a certain aspect that corresponds to that, the digital workplace is much much more. It is a revolution that is transforming businesses everywhere, making them more productive, adding more power to their initiatives, and increasing the engagement of their employees. It is a lifestyle that is catching on – and companies everywhere must adapt or get left behind. The “digital workplace software” is the ideal platform that immerses them in that lifestyle and brings them up to speed. As a result, they become more competitive, more innovative, and more able to conquer the digital landscape.

The digital workplace lifestyle and the digital workplace solution complement each other. They’re both part of the same ecosystem. If the digital workplace lifestyle is the environment that brings the necessary air, water, and sunlight to make the businesses grow, then the digital workplace solution is the machinery that accelerates and improves on that effort and drives the growth to unprecedented heights.

The digital workplace lifestyle is happening all around you. It’s the mobility of people in the workplace, the connection that ties them together, and the information that they share non-stop. Remote colleagues who finish their business plans right in the comforts of their home, the online conferences that you hold with them even as you’re waiting in the airport lobby for your next flight, and the project management tool that gives all of you an overview of all phases of your project – all that are just basic examples of the digital workplace lifestyle.

With the explosion of technology – especially the cloud computing systems, the smart mobile devices, and the Internet of Things – it is only a matter of time before the digital workplace lifestyle conquers all the brick-and-mortar offices on the planet. According to one survey cited by Marketing Interactive, 30 percent of 800 leaders in 15 countries said that their workplaces are becoming digitized, and they are beginning to reap the benefits. Another 62 percent of the participants expect that they will be investing in more highly advanced digital tools such as the virtual assistants in the next few years. A survey reported by The New York Times says that 45 percent of American employees are beginning to adapt a more flexible work schedule where they can work remotely, at home or the nearby coffee shop, instead of reporting to rigid work hours in a central location.

The Pew Research Center gives an overview of how the way that smart devices have become accessible have helped in the development of the digital workplace lifestyle. As of 2016, 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone while another 50 percent regularly use a tablet for work and leisure. Media Post reports that as of 2017, 55 percent of emails are opened on smartphones through their individual email app; in contrast, the practice of finding and clicking on an internet browser first to open an email account has dropped by 26 percent.

All these movements are organic, happening independently in the individual offices as the employees by their own choice use their smart devices to work out of the office, or do an online presentation to a prospective client.

What the digital workplace software does is manage all these random events, bring order into them, place them under the administration of your company–and as a result, create a powerhouse online working environment that will boost your productivity and engage your employees.

These are the things that a digital software solution can do for you:

  • It provides a platform where your employees can collaborate, exchange ideas, and come up with winning strategies. Instead of having your dozens of remote and in-house staffers scroll through various email inboxes and retrieve various chat transcripts, the digital software solution has a variety of channels where they can communicate on real-time, document and record their conversations and emails, and organize them in a way that they can become more accessible.                                                       

Ideas, tactics, and  lessons learned are likewise easily shared in one platform. Members can easily give feedback, ask questions, or use one point of discussion as a springboard for another. They can use the platform to thresh out issues, come up with solutions to current problems, or generate ideas for the next million-dollar product. Nobody has to wait for the next departmental meeting – on facetime – to accomplish all this.

  • Data is organized and can be accessed at any given time in order to support creative brainstorming or decision-making processes. That includes all the information that is being accumulated in all your databases right now: financial statements, sales reports, marketing studies, customer chat transcripts, research presentations, etc. The digital software solution can correlate and connect all these millions of bits of information and bring them to you in just a few minutes. For example, if your boss wants to compare the bestselling brands of this year and last year’s, and see which market demographics are responsible for the surge, all you need to do is click.


  • The digital software solution keeps your employees connected to each other without violating their private space or stifling their initiative. It also keeps them tethered to a wellspring of vital information that they can tap at any given time. These layers of connection keep your staff in the loop at any given time, regardless of their location anywhere in the world. They also update them on the latest project management development or current trends, e.g. the outcome of the last product launch, that deserves their attention. As a result, your employees will always feel engaged because they know that their voices matter. They also form a strong community of support with each other that in turn strengthens the company morale.

The digital workplace solution is the key that will help your organization ride the rising tide of the digital workplace lifestyle. It will help keep you on top of your field, empowering your people, and making you among the first to know the latest cutting-edge information.

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